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Shanxi spend millions of pat "together make him" MV benchmarking to tree basketball

In the "2011-2012 the Chinese men's basketball professional league",Cheap Andre Johnson Jerseys taiyuan water-front sports center known as "the devil at home," said, also there was born was the national fans known as the "make him" slogan. 22, spend more than 250 yuan to the surface with his "MTV boot ceremony held in taiyuan, the director ZhangYang hope this can be a basketball MTV's post.

On March 4, 2012, shanxi fenjiu men's basketball team against semi-final opponents Beijing jinyu, it is also the first men's basketball team Shanxi Province into the semi-final and final shanxi men's basketball team win over Beijing jinyu triumph. Since then CBA commentator hou to peak will offer hope hope shanxi local singer field creation song. After three days, the field with only four hours gave the together make him "finish the first draft. Since then, the song in the network click rate up to 5.5 million times.

Then, the field begins to planning the music of MV film. Once the Cheap Nike Elite NFL Jerseysof directed MV shooting Jackie chan ZhangYang, director ning hao's classmate WuJun and Latin dance world champion and Asian champions are involved in this "together make him" MTV shooting. In addition will also use 500 masses actor, lamborghini, porsche car and house will also appeared in the MV, with a total investment of 2.5 million yuan RMB many.

The field is known as shanxi rap first person, his "taiyuan epigenetic Pian shanxi, shanxi audiences loved deeply. According to the field is introduced, this MV mainly about a group of game full of confidence "evil" and the so-called "rookie player" the story of the basketball game, mainly want to reflect a kind of sports spirit and Cheap Saints Jerseys people unity upward quality.

It is understood that the "together make him" MV to make become a micro movies, duration of about 7 points more minutes, completed in shanxi will each provincial media and network video site for the release.