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Manchester City 3, bottom of the war 1 Mancini insisted that believe in miracles do you believe?

Manchester City 1-3 lost AJAX, daily post under review: "Mancini of players were has endangered death edge", Yes, 3 war 1 flat 2 negative product 1 points bottom, this record up Shang season (1-1 Naples, 0-2 Bayern, 2-1 Villareal) to poor many, and Shang season Manchester City got has 10 a points also is also and knockout missed, and this season, can expect Trent Edwards of team created miracle (up product 10 points) does? Don't forget, his European wars will not be presentable.

Mancini intends to mobilize the team morale before the game: "our team is 2nd only to break into the Champions League, but does not mean that we players are plump enough experience in Europe. "So, like Samir Nasri, BAGAYOKO, Yaya-Toure are Champions League regulars, of course, does not rule out Mancini, he taught at Inter Milan 4 season entered the Champions League every year, but the results are less than ideal.

Forget past, Mancini's Champions League history in respect of a veritable history of blood and tears. Inter Milan, he teaches 4 win 7 trophy, but he also is to curtain call, the boss of their dissatisfaction with the European war record is important because. 04-05 season 8 top war be eliminated with the city of Milan, 05-06 season, the top 8 wars be eliminated by Villareal, 06-07 season, be eliminated by Valencia not in top 8, 07-08 season, same promotions top 8 on the way to an abrupt end, a year less than a year, and losing almost throughout the major leagues, Mancini was Colin Allred"European wars outsider label."

Earthshaking, but Mancini came to Manchester City seemed and no as time and locations of changes, and together break themselves "civil war expert, outside war amateur" of magic spell, into blue moon has 4th a season, Mancini rate team has took has foot total Cup and Premiership champion, this let Abu Dhabi Consortium continues to firmly believes that with Italy people of work, but new checked of 5 years contract will again because Europe war of bad ahead of terminated? Now look, Italy who, during the European war pressure on Mancini and inter where is big!

Last season, is Mancini the army first year of Manchester City playing Champions League, resulting in the defeat with utmost effort down the rapids in Naples, was in the Group of death, is funny, not Mancini of the Champions League knockout stages with a EU Cup champions to restore power and prestige, but was destroyed by sporting Lisbon dreams. Year after year, Europe war amateur this label on Mancini, seemed in more said more pain, more posted more heavy, this season Mancini of team also again unfortunately of is points in has death of group, but originally is outside defined for to others caused death threat of Manchester City seemed always most injured of that a  Aaron Rodgers, opener on Real Madrid, in 2-1 of good situation Xia let Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo in 5 minutes within capsized, times war on Dortmund, if Hart yifudangguan, Manchester City of Ou Guanlu may will ahead of into despair, this round on AJAX, Is the leading good was reversed by the opponent under combat, Manchester City not so much European war heritage is not rich enough, God intend to fool than Mancini.

Poor outcomes, process is equally bleak. The service, according to the guardian data statistics, both ball control than 55, shot better than 16-15, threaten to shoot: 5-6 less than the opponent, but added 2 more fouls than opponents, such data also shows that Mancini's team lost, the result is reasonable.

After the match, Mancini and Richards spoke of losing for granted: "each other better than we played, we did not make every effort to go to the effort of the match. "Mancini and finally have the courage to bear the blame:" I made a few errors, before the game was not ready, if well prepared, results may vary. "However, Mancini still believes the team's prospects:" there is a team (Borussia Dortmund) 7 min, a team (Real Madrid) 6. We also have 3 game, I firmly believe that miracles can occur. "But can hope to flop in the European war: Mancini makes miracles? I am afraid that now it's too late.