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Kaka seven days pass from hell to heaven 5 + assists or starting the war Barcelona

Real Madrid victory over Ajax, alone in the ternary C Luo title character of the two sports newspaper in Madrid, Spain's number one newspaper "El Pais" Kaka's name on the front

of the Portuguese that "Kaka Recovery significance, especially in C-hats on. The Brazilian season into the starting lineup for the first time, in the first half played MVP-level

performances this point "Marca" do not deny: "Kaka is a great game declared regression."
Leaders, C Lo looking for goals to lead the team forward. '
75 minutes Nei Kaka sent 5 key passes, tied with Alonso squad the first 36 minutes, he left a long pass point of collusion find C Luo, media lovely, but unfortunately, the

Portuguese seem ill-prepared a header to be the Vermeer closed out. 48 minutes Kaka again the effectiveness of right-sided assault, then Marcelo pass the ball over the home team

more than the defender, after point Benzema volley into the wonderful undercut. 61 minutes when Kaka and Benzema again to connect, but unfortunately this time the French striker

a small area before a header top.
Kaka has become Real Madrid's new version of inspirational brother, not the coach trusted with the hard training and competition performance, won the opportunity to prove self

again. Taking into account this weekend century battle in the Champions League, Real Madrid have a rotation is also a must, and can not be greater than Modric and Ozil said Kaka

at Camp Nou starter probability, but after two consecutive performance of the color, the Brazilian re have to compete with the two attacking midfielder weight. Marca after the

game: "Kaka is back on track, he may become the key to Real Madrid restore League. Mourinho will not be able to easily make a choice, Modric and Ozil may be played at the Nou

Camp, , but the Brazilian is also a possible. "