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Bouazza ensure that the end of the first two than Salvador Dali also became the only threat

Beijing time, October 23, WTA year-end finals will be held today in Turkey Istanbul the opening opening, Belarus azhalunka genius, she needs two victories could also ensure that

the year-end number one position, now she's only threat came from Maria Sharapova, winning the most popular small Williams has certainly missed this year's end of the first.
Azhalunka in this year aowang tournament in the won career career first big Slam champion, beauty network also killed into has finals, season end stage she also continuous won

has in the network Crown tournament and Linz tournament two a champion, currently in champion points list Shang leading Sharapova of advantage over 1000 points, in year-end

finals in the, each players in Group tournament in the each win one are can has 230 a points recorded, this means with azhalunka in Group tournament in the as long as group

tournament in the win two field, regardless of is promotions four Strong can ensure its own year-end got the first position.
Azhalunka on mentality when it comes to the finals looked very calm "in the finals, every game is very difficult, obviously I'm in a championship match, it really means that a

huge challenge, but I didn't care, instead looking forward to the game, come, I will try to win every match victory. "At the end of last year in the finals, azhalunka kill went

into the final round but lost to keweituowa.
This times finals of maximum win hot still is United States name xiaoweilianmusi, she in this year even picked Wimbledon and beauty network two a big slams, also in London

Olympics Shang won singles gold medal, but because in beauty network win zhihou also no entries, she has lost has compete for year-end first throne of opportunities, this times

finals small Wei and azhalunka, and Li Na and Rachmat gobel points in has with a group match. For his game of Wei, said: "I don't really care who you want and cricket, when

cricket and I in the end be able to go far in this competition, I'm just glad to be here competing, now I and azhalunka in the Red group, this is a good result. ”
There could threaten end-azhalunka the first position, only Russia beauty Maria Sharapova, in aowang and in the nets in the finals this year, Sharapova lost to the opponent. On

the question of whether you can put on at the last moment when reversing miracle returned to the throne of the world's first, Maria Sharapova was not very confident: "when you

come to the end of finals at this moment, you must be very sure of how opponents are in a group game on a high level, before this year's game, I think that no matter what group

are you in, every game is very difficult. You have to go all out to play a good game, really is hard to predict the outcome of the game. ”