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A star football November unveiling Peng Weiguo, Guangzhou people to prepare

Peng Weiguo, and Hu zhijun, and Peng Weijun, Republic maichao, Wen Zhijun ... ... Guangzhou Apollo team players appear one by one yesterday afternoon at the Tianhe Sports Centre. Their presence is not a party, nor between team-mates play football everyday fun, but to prepare for in Guangzhou yuexiu mountain Stadium opening next month "the first Star a football" to match with the U15 team in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Apollo team most players Sam Bradford has over 40 years of age, although in those days the Sun God players to "small, fast, and spirit" is known, technology exquisite, but unforgiving, into middle age, they are not as old as heavily against full-field run, but the choice with a bunch of young players aged 15 warm-up, enhance competitive status. In fact, Guangzhou U15 team not to be trifled with, the team's scores have been in the country since the team ranking rankings in the same age group.

In the original Guangzhou Apollo experience team the first half in control of the scene, and Hu zhijun support Peng Weiguo's passing, high up Trent Edwards good start. The corruptor, Guangzhou Apollo of declining physical advantage failed to hold, was opponent regain the ball. Ultimately, both sides 90 minutes tradition.

It is learned that the 2012 "Sun God Cup" the first Star a football tournament will be held from November 25 to December 1 in yuexiu mountain Stadium, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Qingdao and other teams will participate. From the list of current situation, Peng Weiguo, and Hu zhijun, and fan Zhiyi, Hao Haidong, the Republic Ou Chuliang, Colin Allred, and Wei Qun, Jiang feng, Gao Hongbo, peaks, Cao restricted East, Xie Feng, Su maozhen and many other old name will debut a beautiful mountain. In recent times, Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao and Guangzhou Apollo teams actively preparing for the World Cup.